Manual testing common questions for upto 3 years experience

1. Introduce your self?
2. How can you rate your self?
3. What is the difference between balck box and white box testing?
4. How do you prepare test case?
5. What is testing life cycle and defect life cycle?
6. What is the difference between an bug ,defect and error?

7.What istest Strategey?
8. What is Testing model used in your organization?
9 . What is use Cases?
10. What is Tracibality matrix?
11. If bug is not reproducalbe how do you report it to developer?
12. What is thumb Rule(BVA) ?
13. Based on what you can say all your requirement got fullfilled in testcases?
14. How do you prepare test Scenarioes?
15. What is the tool used for reporting bugs and how do you update the Status?
16. How you will report bugs to developer?
17. What is Severiorty and priority?
18. Have you involved in prparation of test paln if yes explain in brieft?
19. what is roles in testing?
20. What is life cycle in your organization explain with operations?
21. What is the different flat forms or windows worked?
22. What is test case templete followed in your organization?
23. what are the fields present in bugtracker and tracibality matrix?
24. What is UI Testing?
25. what is re-testing and regrssion testing?

All your interview process will be based on how your confident and what you speak if your not confident fully dont use new terminalogy .
Some times interviwer will use surroudings to judge how good you are at testing .eg: he can ask land line phone to do UI testing (or)he can ask you to write the scenarioes based on Phone .